Make a Menu Item with no Link in Weebly

For those of you who didn't know we started this very website with Weebly. It's a great tool and we loved it, but we once came across a problem that we were unable to solve: making menu items that are not links. After countless hours of unsuccessful CSS editing, trying to overwrite the standard menu, we finally found the answer... which is ridiculously simple.


  • Ok, so lets say you want a menu category for "Kitchen accessories". You must first create a page with this name and place it wherever you wish.

Creating the menu item

  • Now, under that page's name, check the "Link page to external site" box.
  • Finally in the address box, type http://. DO NOT leave it empty, otherwise it won't work.

Removing the linkl

Save your settings and that's it! I hope this article saves a few hours to other Weebly users. No more need to try any esoteric techniques in order to get a menu item that's not a link!